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Email Your Drawings – Quick, Convenient File Transfer

In order to expedite your work, please add the following to the body of your email: your name or contact person, your company name, your company phone number and any other instructions.

The following information will help eliminate difficulties with your die line files. If you have specific questions, or you need further assistance, please call and request to speak to our CAD department.

  • Our CAD system uses die-makers software. We can import the following file types: DXF/DWG (2D only), DDS, ArtiosCAD and Adobe Illustrator (AI, EPS, PS).
  • For CAD systems with 3D capability, save the required information to LAYER-0. Please do not send files with multiple layers.
  • We are unable to use JPEG, TIFF or PDF files. We can use PDF files that were created with Adobe Illustrator software using vector lines.
  • We have no software to translate Quark XPress files. Please use vector or CAD software (listed above) to create die line files.
  • Please send us only the die line file. Crop marks and sheet edges are useful. Please do not send graphics, text or color bars.• Please be sure your file is attached before you send it.

If we can be of further assistance, please contact us.

Use the button below to send your files.