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Mark-Maker’s Commitment to Quality

Mark-Maker Company sees the term “quality” as more than just the quality of its products.

 They believe everything they do needs to be completed with quality in mind. Certainly, product quality is of major importance, but so is the way every employee does their job. Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, CAD, Graphic Arts and Delivery of the product must all be handled in a quality manner to enable the quality product to be produce. 

The Owners of Mark-Maker Company have invested in their Quality Management System. Mark-Maker is fully compliant to the International Quality System of ISO 9001-2008, with plans to upgrade to ISO 9001-2015 in 2017. The Supervision throughout the company are well trained and invested in this Quality Management System from areas like employee training and development to preventive maintenance of the equipment.

Mark-Maker has a well-trained Internal Auditing Team that ensures the processes are followed correctly. If employees find innovative system improvements, the Auditing Team will ensure the documentation is updated and all employees on all shifts involved are trained to the update.

A strong, living Quality Management Systems helps Mark-Maker Company supply the products their customers desire.