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Partnership with Kelloggsville High School

Mark-Maker Company has partnered with Kelloggsville High School to begin building their manufacturing team of the future.

Students that are not planning to go to college and are looking for a career that will allow them a good source of income are prime candidates for this new partnership.

This arrangement has been over a year in the making. Mark Fellows, a senior Rotary Die Maker, is an alumnus of Kelloggsville and believed that the school would be a good source of potential employees for the future. Mark mentioned this to Tom Stanfield and the two of them began to form a plan.

In the fall of 2016, Tom was able to connect with Chad Morrow, Kelloggsville Counselor. Chad told Tom the school was trying to find local companies to partner with and the partnership was born.

After a few visits from the Principal, Asst. Principal and Teachers to determine what the selection procedure would be and what record keeping the school needed from Mark-Maker to ensure the continuing education of the students, the agreement was created. The school will receive weekly progress reports on each student and at the end of the semester the student will be required to write a paper describing their experience and what they learned during the partnership.

The ultimate goal is to find Mark-Maker’s workforce of the future and hire students full time after graduating that enjoy the careers offered at Mark-Maker. Kelloggsville will be an ongoing source of that needed talent.